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Welcome to LightHouse Ariel,

I am so grateful you took the time to seek light today. It is my intention to better serve the community by creating an opportunity for hope in dark places. Times are challenging and people are looking for a place of understanding on why do painful things happen? Even to the point of questing why am I here, what is my purpose? An increasing number of parents and children are facing challenges that affect their ability to focus, regulate difficult emotions, build inner resilience, and form healthy and supportive relationships. 


Through daily affirmations, and journal writings, the process of identifying who you are, and where you are going in life will improve. Knowing the type of person, you are without the influence of tv, music, reality show, social media is an important factor to living a purpose driven life. Having an awareness of the lack of self-care, self-awareness of emotions, and self-control are skills developed when getting connected with LHA. It is taught that having meditation practice to clear your mind of distracting thoughts by focusing on breathing and other self-control techniques changes the wiring of your brain. The rewarding effect of this practice is freeing yourself from day-to-day stress.  



Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn, who first developed mindfulness in a therapeutic setting, says: 

‘Mindfulness can be cultivated by paying attention in a specific way, that is, in the present moment, and as non-reactively, non-judgmentally and open heartedly as possible.’ 



Research shows from Douglas A. Gentile, Ph.D. (2009) on how mindfulness aids in the relief of depression and anxiety. Creating moments of awareness to the thoughts that create depression helps to find acceptance of the past, present and future. Rather than denying or fighting the feeling, through the approach of acceptance positive change can be made. Nearly 1 in 3 adolescents will meet criteria for anxiety disorder by the age of 18. Trauma is within the percentage rate of 46% of all children in the U.S. have experienced least one adverse childhood experience (ACE). On average, U.S. teens are distracted by spending 9 hours a day on digital entertainment, excluding schoolwork. Nearly 40% of high school seniors report that they often feel lonely and left out. If only 40% of our youth openly report the feeling of isolation, imagine the number of youth is secretly suffering from loneliness today?

Hide and Seek

Mindfulness Practices Proven

There is a need for the community to come together and build strong teams to create positive change in our school and home lives. It will take not just one person but a teacher, counselor, principle, parent, coach, and mentor to help bring healing to our communities.
Studies show that mindfulness practices Improve so many factors in the lives of not only children but the teachers and parents. 
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Surveys Reported by Teachers

Teachers that have implemented mindfulness practices within their classrooms were asked to survey how much of an improvement has transpired within a 6 week time span. The number are mind blowing!!! Students began to have improvement in focus, emotional regulation, engagement and a greater expression of compassion for others. NOT only were there improvements in the students but the emotional and mental health of the teachers improved as well. 

Who Am I

As a Child we didn't attend church regularly and still within myself I learned the importance of forgiveness. As a child I experienced the emotions of my parents subconsciously. I remember hearing late night conversations from my parents that were filled with so much pain and lack of understanding of each other's feelings. 


These were feelings of an event that transpired when they were children. Surprisingly, even as a child I understood the importance of forgiveness. I understood that unresolved issue from an experience decades ago caused a ripple effect subconsciously determined the actions of each one of my parents that received trauma. It is my intention to reach a target of people that have carried traumas from childhood, and have yet reached the dreams they had as children. 


The wounded child within lacks confidence and discipline. It wasn't until I became a teenager that I began to ask to go to church and learn about healing and forgiveness on a more in debt level. I studied Baptist, and Christian religion, which is my foundation. I then began to study spirituality and energy which explained more of the spiritual aspect of religion. I have a heart to give to others what I was looking for in my growth to become the woman I knew I wanted to be. 


If your Intention is to receive guidance on how to gain a better understanding of yourself, I would love to provide the divine guidance and support needed through the process of being your best self!!! Please go under services and book your free consultation now!!!

Once healthy communication is done for yourself, you then become a master of self. Becoming a master of yourself creates opportunity for you to walk into your purpose, and live your best life.


Lighthouse Ariel reaches to the community of people who have experienced stagnation in their life through traumas and shortcomings of life. Lighthouse Ariel helps to offer a person an opportunity to remove blockages in their life such as habits that no longer serves them. 

A detailed routine specific to the person to remove limiting beliefs on what they can accomplish.


I want to reach the young children and young adults adults that feel they must learn everything the hard way. The person that has had one set back after another and keeps looking for answers. I am reaching out to the young adult that feels they are stuck in a prison of their own mind, consistently going through a cycle of negative thinking that created self-destructions. I was that young adult that was looking for answers and never gave up working on myself.  



By choosing your thoughts, 

and by selecting which emotional currents you will release 

and which you will reinforce, 

you determine the quality of your Light. 

You determine the effects that you will have upon others, 

and the nature of the 

experiences of your life. ~ Gary Zukav 




Lighthouse Monthly Seeker

Monthly seekers will receive a 4 week course that contains 

  • Daily Affirmations

  • Daily Journal Prompts 

  • Meditation Exercise

  1. Identify Self. What is your perception of who you are?

  • Identify Habits

  • Belief system. Which are the thoughts about self.

  • Awareness to what you consume, physically(eat) mentally(Hear) emotionally (feelings of others)


I am so grateful or taking the steps needed in my life!!!! Thank you for your professionalism.

Simone Woods

I would like to say thank you for helping me find myself. I am enjoying my life everyday!

Nicole Yang

LHA Clearly shares the steps needed to reach my goals thank you!

Calvin Smith

I would recommend scheduling an onboarding call, I'm so glad I did my life will never be the same

Suzanne Levis

Olivia Walker

Editor in Chief

Dan Mitchell

Assistant Manager

Noah Patterson

Programming Editor

Tess Anderson

Art Director

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