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Our emotions can create a chemical reaction

It has been designed that LightHouse Ariel Is created to be a resource for clients to receive guidance to a better self through lifestyle changes. Changes through creating healthy habits such as a daily workout plan which activates certain neurons in the brain that brings clarity in the brain.

Along with meditation and bringing awareness to oneself. It is Believed that the cycle of thinking and feeling creates a state of being. the more you create this feeling or attitude towards an experience, which is the base of your analytical mind. I Have found it important to review the mind and see what is the truth of the belief or subconscious states of being.

Most people are viewing their life through the lens of the past, which in most cases creates depression. In our perceptions we are overlapping our present moment in the past and removing possibilities for our future. Feelings tend to become the way of thinking and blind themselves from the truths of the present moment.

Our emotions can create a chemical reaction that sends your body on autopilot that means your mind is no longer in control of your day to day decisions and choices. A person's environment plays a major role in a person's attitude, core beliefs and values.

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